Men Long Coat Styles-20 Best Outfits To Wear Long Down Coat

The best jackets were those with the highest quality fill power down ( and above), which also overlaps with our next rating metric. The Ghost Whisperer was the most compressible jacket in this review.

The Arc'teryx Patera Parka is a synthetically insulated winter option, complete with g of Coreloft synthetic insulation.

The best jackets were those with the highest quality fill power down ( and above), which also overlaps with our next rating metric. The Ghost Whisperer was the most compressible jacket in this review.
From comfy cashmere coats to sophisticated satin-silk, here are some elegant coats to keep you feeling warm and looking fantastic all winter long. Add a pop of color to your winter wardrobe with.
Best Maxi Puffer Jacket: Cole Haan Women’s Long Maxi Down Coat Cole Haan Women’s Long Maxi Down Coat (Amazon) This awesome maxi-length puffer from Cole Haan is so warm and snuggly you’ll want to wear it all the time.
Compared to the Columbia Heavenly Hooded Long Jacket, with only synthetic down % polyester fill, the Arc'teryx Patera Parka was much warmer, but not as waterproof. The Arc'teryx Darrah Coat and the Columbia Heavenly Hooded Long Jacket were two other synthetic jackets we tested.
The best part about these coats is that they can be worn both casually and formally and can be pulled off very easily. If you are clueless about when and how to wear them, do not worry! We have rounded up for you a collection of 20 best outfits to wear long down coat.
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How to Wear Long Down Coat

From comfy cashmere coats to sophisticated satin-silk, here are some elegant coats to keep you feeling warm and looking fantastic all winter long. Add a pop of color to your winter wardrobe with.

You can also wear bold framed glasses to give yourself a chic nerdy look. How hot does he look in this completely black attire? All it takes is to pair a black shirt, pant and long coat and you have an extra classy outfit right there! You can also go for a long lengthed trench overcoat to make your own style statement this season. Since winter is all about fashionably layering, go for a collared shirt, tie, blazer and a knee length coat and see its charm working as we assure all eyes will be on you!

You can try this style for date night or any semi formal event. Different textured fabrics in one garment is the new in thing. You can incorporate such a style in your collection of winter coats for a cool and trendy look. To further enhance your appearance, you can wear a hat too.

This absolutely easy and effortless look does wonders. T-shirt, tracks and a casual coat with rolled up sleeves will give you the much hyped street fashion look. If Kanye West can rock this super cool fur long coat there is no reason why you cannot!

You can wear it over a shirt, sweater or even hoodie. It will make you look flawlessly stylish and make all heads turn your way. Are you a teenager looking for outfit ideas this winter? It is also impressively durable, which is rare among the lightest of the lightweight down jackets.

We were able to rock climb in this jacket without snagging or worrying about abrasion. It also held up very well over time, where some of the lighter weight fabrics literally started to disintegrate, getting thinner over time.

The Ghost Whisperer comes with a hefty price tag, it looks fairly "outdoorsy" making it less versatile, and it is very lightweight which means it is not intended for the coldest temperatures. As such, it is not likely to be your quiver-of-one. However, if you're looking for a great jacket for cool autumn temperatures in the desert or as a midlayer for cold winter activities, this will be a trusty companion.

The jacket has a collection of useful features: This was our favorite for sunset ascents of desert towers when speed and low weight are critical to getting to the rappels before dark—and you still want to look outdoor-chic for those beautiful sunset summit shots. If you're looking to ditch the hood, this hoody is also available in the Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket - Women's. It is extremely light weight for how warm it is—in fact, it puffs up so much that we had a hard time believing it was really as lightweight as our scales reported.

Some of this warmth comes from the thoughtful design, too. The jacket features a storm collar that seals weather out and warmth in, making it fit more like an expedition parka—except, again, for the extreme light weight. This was our go-to jacket for frigid days wandering around our favorite winter wonderland, and especially for technical ice climbs where warmth is paramount, lightweight a close second, and abrasion is not an issue.

Speaking of abrasion, over the long term, this is not the most durable model. The very lightweight fabric also comes with a limit to its durability, and over months of rigorous use, the threads started to run thin. This is not an everyday use type of jacket, but if you value lightweight and warmth above all else, this is a good investment. Arc'teryx Cerium SV Hoody. The Rab Microlight Alpine is one of the most durable pieces we've ever reviewed.

Now, with a few detail-oriented updates, it's even more comfortable and functional than before. With the new polymer instead of wire hood brim, you don't look ridiculous when you forget to bend it into shape. The folks at Rab have also updated the jacket's fit, expanding the chest box and tapering the sides.

This makes the jacket a little less boxy, which helps it flow from mountain to town activities. In this year's round of field tests, we noticed a lot of compliments around town, as well as in the mountains. It is sleek and sharp. This jacket is a bit heavier for its size, but it seals out weather so well we think it's worth the few extra ounces.

Plus, the outer fabric was among the more durable when compared to similarly lightweight jackets in the review. We love the slightly longer arms, and the taper ensures the sleeves stay out of your way, even when rock climbing. The Microlight is light and compressible with fill power hydrophobic down and stands up to light rain and wet snow better than most with its Pertex exterior fabric. We appreciated the new stuff sack, which makes it easy to travel with, but we would have preferred it if it were girth hitched to the pocket so it won't fall out when we open the pocket like the clever design featured in both the Arc'teryx Cerium LT and SV in this review.

This model will be reliable from town to summit. This great hoody is also available in a jacket! Rab Microlight Alpine Jacket - Women's. The deeper in the woods or the mountains you go, the more important the things you carry with you become and how much those things weigh.

Having the appropriate gear and clothing in the mountains is imperative to having a good time, and an insulated jacket can be the difference between summit and surrender, celebrating and suffering.

Down jackets range broadly from lightweight and packable to heavy-duty expedition parkas. In this review, we focus on the technical lightweight category. The jackets in this review are typically great stand-alone insulation for milder climates, like spring and fall in the desert or brisk mornings on foggy northern beaches.

They may also serve as an insulating layer for light aerobic activities in frigid environments, or to wear under a shell jacket in inclement weather. This review aims to help you find the right jacket for your uses, but also to equip you with the knowledge to evaluate jackets for yourself the next time you're browsing at an outdoor store. While value isn't taken into account when ranking via our metrics, we consider value to play an important part in the purchasing of a product.

While some hunting for a new down jacket may want the cream of the crop, others are more interested in the model that offers a high performance to value ratio. With that in mind, we have crafted a value chart which pinpoints the models that do just that. Take a look at the chart below; you'll notice that those toward the bottom of the line and to the right offer up a high performance to value. The down versus synthetic question will probably never be an easy one to answer. Even the best synthetic fibers are no match for the warmth-to-weight ratio of natural down feathers.

But when down gets wet, it might as well be a pasta meal when you've run out of white gas--it's pretty much useless. We talk more about synthetic, down, and hydrophobic down in our Buying Advice Article.

After years and months of using these jackets, wearing them across continents and for many different activities, we have come up with an evaluation of which jackets are best at what, and we have awarded some for outstanding performance. Check out the chart above to see where each down competitor in our review ranked in overall performance. Down is measured by the amount of space taken up by an ounce of down feathers.

Because down insulates by trapping air and holding it in place for your body heat to warm up, the more loft you can get, the better. This means a higher numbered fill power is of higher quality. For example, fill power down fills cubic inches for every ounce of down. This also means that a fill jacket, like The North Face Aconcagua can be just as warm as an fill jacket — it'll just be bulkier. But the most common misconception is that a higher number means warmer when in reality a fill jacket can be warmer than a super thin fill ultralight jacket.

But the slimmer Rab Microlight Alpine. Most of the jackets in this review are designed to be lightweight, technical insulating layers.

Most of them have down in the fill power range and provide excellent warmth and loft for the weight. These jackets are optimized for the mountains, which is a challenging balancing act of lightweight, durability, and warmth.

Depending on your top priority, you will likely find a good match among our award winners, and we encourage you to view the ranking chart and each review. You will probably always remember your first down sleeping bag; did it revolutionize the way you felt about carrying gear on your back?

For many, the investment in lightweight down products correlates to increased happiness in the backcountry. The Arc'teryx Cerium SV is even more impressive for its warmth to weight ratio. It weighs 10 ounces and is the warmest in the bunch. If you're looking for a good around-town down jacket, the weight may not be a critical factor in your decision.

However, since down is one of the best materials for lightweight, warm jackets and sleeping bags, quilts, booties, etc.

The best jackets were those with the highest quality fill power down and above , which also overlaps with our next rating metric. One of the main reasons to buy a down jacket, other than the stellar warmth to weight ratio, is the compressibility. Synthetic insulation polyester Weight: By far the cheapest winter coat on this list. Heavy, stiff, and could be warmer. How is this jacket so inexpensive? The insulation and shell of the Caterpillar Insulated Parka are straight polyester—no lightweight insulation or modern waterproof fabrics here.

In addition, you get ample storage with four large front pockets and one on the sleeve. Is this jacket for climbing mountains? A little lacking in warmth; slim fit. Starting with design, it has an H2No Performance shell on the outside, along with a removable fill down liner on the inside. Moreover, the outside is waterproof and seam taped, which results in excellent weather protection in wet snow and rain. And even the liner has a DWR treatment for use in light precipitation.

What are the downsides of the Patagonia Tres Parka? In addition, the down insert is decently warm and the outer shell does a nice job at cutting wind, but in the coldest of conditions you still will want to add layers underneath.

See the Women's Patagonia Tres 3-in-1 Parka. Super soft liner; premium look and feel. Arms are a bit short for some people. When shopping for a down winter parka, you have a number of similar looking options from respected outdoor brands. This jacket is warm with fill down, has good length, and a super cozy hood with a removable faux fur liner. The inside of the jacket has a fleece liner that is noticeably soft to the touch, and the outside has a DWR treatment to help with light precipitation.

Add in some classy colorways, and the Montreal is a really nice all-around parka for the cold. Coming back to the all-important fit factor, a number of people have complained that the arms on the Marmot Montreal are on the short end.

But if you can get the fit dialed, the Montreal is a winner. Zipper and hood are subpar. Updated for last winter, this popular parka performs well in tough weather but also looks the part for everyday wear.

Like the Tres, the Arctic II is fully waterproof to keep you dry in a range of winter weather conditions, yet also packs a decent punch in terms of warmth. Along with the good value come a few compromises. And like other products from The North Face, fit is a bit boxier than we would prefer although this can be good for layering.

Clean design, easy to move in, and a good amount of down for the price. Less leg coverage than a parka. The Down With It from Patagonia is a good-looking and versatile jacket at a very reasonable price. We like the length, which works well for city wear but also can double down for light adventuring like winter hiking and snowshoeing. What do you sacrifice by going with a jacket instead of a parka?

The obvious answer is leg coverage—the Patagonia Tres and other options on this list end around the thigh, which can make a pretty big difference when wearing jeans or other non-insulated pants in cold weather if you want more length, Patagonia does offer a Down With It Parka version.

Warm, waterproof, and looks great. The sleek Patera is the whole package: The biggest hurdle in choosing the Patera Parka is price. However, you do get some serious return on your investment. The full waterproofing is a very nice feature, and few casual pieces use best-in-class Gore-Tex. You also get a tough yet smooth denier shell, which can handle everyday wear and tear much better than the thinner options above.

And we appreciate the non-puffy style of the Patera: See the Women's Arc'teryx Patera Parka. Better arm length than the Marmot Montreal. More expensive than the Montreal with inferior down fill. Both share a similar design: And both weigh just a hair over 2 pounds. In terms of differences, the Montreal has a DWR coating while the Downtown does not, and we like the length of the sleeves on the Mountain Hardwear better, which are longer than the Marmot and can accommodate a wider variety of people.

We have the Marmot ranked higher because it uses better down fill vs. Neither manufacturer provides the fill weight for these products, but given that the Montreal weighs 1 ounce more and uses better down, we can assume that the warmth of that piece is on par or slightly better than Downtown Coat the Downtown does have a little longer back length, however.

Perhaps the answer comes down to fit, but overall we give the nod to the Marmot. See the Women's Mountain Hardwear Downtown. A great value and a clean design overall. Not as warm or soft as a down jacket. The vast majority of jackets on this list use down fill, which is warmer and loftier than synthetic insulation.

But there is something to be said for the latter, which costs considerably less and continues to insulate when wet. What are the downsides of a jacket like the Columbia Snow Eclipse? The jacket does get reasonably high marks for being cozy in cold conditions, but you likely will want to layer up when the temperatures get truly frigid.

These issues aside, the jacket looks the part for both outdoor and urban use, comes in a variety of nice colorways, and given the price, remains popular year after year. See the Women's Columbia Snow Eclipse. Perhaps the single most important factor when choosing a winter jacket is its intended use.

Performance jackets, on the other hand, are more technical in nature and often lighter in weight due to the use of premium down and shell materials. These models are designed for mountaineering, climbing, and other cold-weather backcountry use.

To help clarify the best uses for each jacket, we list the category in the product specs and in our comparison table. Nearly all the jackets on this list have down fill, which is the warmest, lightest, and most compressible type of insulation. A few jackets—including the Patagonia Hyper Puff—are made with synthetic, which is heavier and not quite as lofty but does a superior job at insulating when wet. It's also cheaper than down, which is why you'll find it inside some of the budget-oriented designs above like the Caterpillar Heavy Insulated Jacket.

We love both types of insulation and each has its purposes, but down wins out in pure warmth and coziness for winter. For more background on this topic, see our article on down vs. Warmth is a function of many factors: But the two most important factors in determining the warmth of your jacket are fill power and fill weight. Fill Power Fill power is the most heavily marketed spec among winter jackets and parkas, and refers to down specifically nearly all the jackets on this list are down.

The higher the number fill, fill, fill, etc. Performance winter jackets usually are around fill or higher, and casual pieces run from fill to fill. Fill Weight Fill weight is often overlooked but just as relevant as fill power.

Instead of measuring the quality of the down, fill weight is simply the total weight of the down inside the jacket. The calculation becomes more difficult as the fill power changes: Around half the jackets on this list provide fill weight, which is more helpful than not. As discussed above, make sure to take both fill power and fill weight into account.

In addition, the shell of the jacket matters, as do the layers underneath. By our best estimation, the majority of the jackets on this list are designed to go well below freezing for use in the heart of the winter months in cold climates like the Midwest and East Coast of the United States.

For more lightweight and midweight jacket options, see our articles on the best down jackets and synthetic jackets.

This full-length coat offers both function and fashion: It has high performance qualities with a fitted silhouette so you won't look too puffy. The fill power goose down is responsibly sourced to ensure the welfare of the birds is protected and it sits inside a polyester fabric with a water-repellant finish. Compared to the Columbia Heavenly Hooded Long Jacket, with only synthetic down % polyester fill, the Arc'teryx Patera Parka was much warmer, but not as waterproof. The Arc'teryx Darrah Coat and the Columbia Heavenly Hooded Long Jacket were two other synthetic jackets we tested. Best Maxi Puffer Jacket: Cole Haan Women’s Long Maxi Down Coat Cole Haan Women’s Long Maxi Down Coat (Amazon) This awesome maxi-length puffer from Cole Haan is so warm and snuggly you’ll want to wear it all the time.