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We think a like, I just finished a round rag rug!! I will save this. I can admit that to you because I know you understand. As always thanks for your wonderful patterns. They are the best explained patterns on the Internet! Your sweet words come at a good time. That is so cool that you finished a rag rug!

Have a great weekend Kathy! I have wanted to make a little runner rug for beside my bed and I think I might try this a little longer. I have tried looking for an inexpensive rope to make rugs that would still be soft and I never thought to look at clotheslines. Yes, let me know how it goes or post a pic to my Facebook page. Hopefully you can find the same thing where you are.

How do you download the patterns? I wanted the Rug made out of rope but you cannot highlight it to copy and paste. The way I print from sites like mine is to copy and paste it into Word, which usually works? Just found your blog and as a new crocheter, I keep looking for the simple but unusual. I am going to make this rope rug! It is simple enough for me to do!

As to printing, if you have a pc, you should be able to highlight the directions, right click and select Print…or do a screenprint…. I wonder if you can dye the rope to make it whatever color you want and if you dye it before or after you crochet it? Hi Kimberly, Someone else asked me the same thing! There is a sheen over the rope which might prevent the color from taking super well, but I bet it would work in some capacity. Synthetic materials generally do not take a dye, or they rapidly bleed the dye and make a mess.

You would be better off getting already-colored cord, or perhaps doing a two-strand crochet with an acrylic yarn. I would just soak it in some hot water and a product like Oxy-Clean and give it a good rinse. Walmart carries a rope that comes in different colors. I would think home improvement stores would carry it too.

It is not as rough as clothes line rope. I am almost done with this cute little project. My hands are sore! I had trouble with one thing which I have ignored up to now. The instructions say to repeat the rows but does that mean row one also? I love the look. I also use your pattern for the dish cloths. Thanks for bringing this up! Sometimes that last stitch is very hard to see and is really easy to miss? Do you think that could be it? I love the pattern and need a new bath mat.

Am going to try this one. I think your problem with stitch count might be an error in the pattern. I am thinking that this would work with two strands of crochet cotton together. It might work with one strand crochet cotton and one strand scrubby held together.

Will give more thought to my idea and try when I havr the time. As for downloading and printing the pattern, try pinning it. Then you can come back to it whenever you want. This is beautiful I love it! Thank you for catching that! I just updated it to say second stitch from hook. I appreciate it, and hope you enjoy the rug! What a great idea! I am definitely going to try this, I have a size 10 and 11 chunky crochet hook, would that work to make this bath mat?

Thank you for sharing this awesome pattern! I have made hotpads from clothesline. I tried to dye them. It rinsed completely out. This is a great patter. Thanks for the rope rug pattern and had a question regarding this. The brand I purchased on Amazon is Evandale. I am presuming you have this very loosely done! I did the spa cloth and it is beautiful fyi, I would do several of those! I just want to get my Mat done now!

Or using an even larger hook? Though that might be hard to find! Love your patterns and thus the fact you post them for us to enjoy free! I need new bath mats! Now, going off your pattern, how many strands would I need to hold together to come close to the close line you used? I was thinking crochet it holding four strands of that yarn? This is how I take care of all our pool rugs, any out door rugs I either use a foaming carpet cleaner, scrub with a brush then rinse with my hose on the jet setting, we have so many outdoor rugs that are the outdoor carpet material that I clean then store for the next pool season, this seems to work for me.

No matter what, no heat lol! The cotton will make it so absorbent. I appreciate your thoughts on washing mine. I need to buy up some bleach! I believe holding 4 strands maybe 5! You might want to use a bit of a smaller hook because your yarn will be more flexible than the rope.

You might have to make a swatch of the pattern and see how it turns out and go from there! Thanks for your kind words about the blog. Allow the modge podge to dry. String your twine across the archway or door opening and pin it to the top in two places. I used simple thumbtacks to do this.

Clip the clothes pins onto the line and use them to attach your cards as you receive them. I plan to do this when I get home tonight, as I have a huge stack of cards needing to be hung. Thanks so much for sharing! Posts on this blog contain affiliate links.

Back to the card situation. Lay a clothes pin down on the back of the scrapbook paper and trace the outline. Cut out the paper. Use a paintbrush to brush some modge podge onto a clothespin. How do you display your cards?

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